Iadea Chooses Samsung’s CMS Software to Give Integrators Multiple Options Under One Software Umbrella

The MagicINFO CMS allows content providers to manage a variety of displays under one system, depending on the needs of the customer.

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Irvine, California-based IAdea, makers of digital signage media players and signboards, announces its support for MagicINFO, the content management software made by global electronics giant Samsung, as its premier software partner.

The companies says that under the collaboration, digital signage system integrators will be able to incorporate new all-in-one smart displays with MagicINFO built into them. This will allow for digital signage systems to take advantage of a wide variety of display form factors, in addition to standard Samsung displays, all managed under the unified CMS.

IAdea says it is signing up Samsung resellers to support MagicINFO-enabled IAdea products.

“We are excited to add MagicINFO to our growing list of ecosystem partners,” says John Wang, CEO of IAdea. “IAdea focuses on providing robust digital signage platforms to enhance productivity and experiences for everyone. The MagicINFO software further enriches the variety of solutions possible with IAdea technology.”

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