Howard Custom Transfers Opens Up Votes for Next Stock Ink Color

Customers have the chance to help decide the next stock ink color. 

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Howard Custom Transfers
Howard Custom Transfers

Howard Custom Transfers, a manufacturer of custom screen printed transfers, hosts an open vote for its next stock ink color, and it’s letting its customers decide. With eight colors to choose from, the color with the most votes will be added as an available stock ink.

The voting options are a combination of six trending custom Pantone colors as well as two custom shimmer colors. Options include: mauve (PMS 694C), avocado (PMS 383C), lavender (PMS 667C), Vegas gold (PMS 4525C), chambray (PMS 7683C), wine berry (PMS 235C), sour apple shimmer (custom), and frost shimmer (custom).

stock ink color voting howard custom transfers

(Image courtesy Howard Custom Transfers)

Voting ends May 10, 2019. The new color(s) will be made available immediately after the voting cutoff.

To vote, go to

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