Hanes Hosiery Donates Leggings to NYC Homeless

HanesBrands employees shipping goods to NYC. (Image courtesy HanesBrands)

HanesBrands, the parent company of Hanes Hosiery, says it plans to donate 1,000 pairs of leggings to GLAM4GOOD, a nonprofit focused on empowering those in need. The organization will distribute the leggings to homeless shelters in New York City to assist those affected by COVID-19.

“GLAM4GOOD is working around the clock to team up with our donors and corporate partners to respond, facilitate, and deliver aid to as many of our giving partners as possible to meet the needs during this unprecedented and difficult time,” states Mary Alice Stephenson, CEO, and founder of GLAM4GOOD Foundation. “We appreciate (the) support from Hanes Hosiery, and hope that others will help in any way they can.”

“We are honored to provide this small token of comfort and support to those in need in a city significantly impacted by COVID-19,” adds Jill King, general manager of hosiery for HanesBrands.

The news comes as the company’s latest move in efforts to help in the fight against the global pandemic. HanesBrands is also a part of a consortium of apparel makers tasked with supplying the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with hundreds of millions of all-cotton face masks for use in healthcare settings where N95 masks or surgical masks are not required.

For more information, visit Hanes For Good.

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