GroupeSTAHL Pays Tribute to Brian McLeod

Ted Stahl of GroupeSTAHL takes to a blog post to remember Stahls' general manager Brian McLeod who passed away on May 17 at the age of 69. 

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Brian McLeod GroupeSTAHL Stahls' general manager Ted Stahl
Brian McLeod GroupeSTAHL Stahls' general manager Ted Stahl

Ted Stahl of GroupeSTAHL takes to a blog post to remember Stahls’ general manager Brian McLeod. McLeod, originally from Winnipeg, Canada, passed away on May 17 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at the age of 69.

McLeod was well known within the decorated apparel, garment manufacturing, sporting goods, and licensed product industries in Canada, as well as the U.S. He joined Stahls’ in 1988 as VP of sales and marketing. In 1996 McLeod left to work for Roland DGA in Irvine, California, where he held several upper management positions. In 2008, he returned to Michigan as Stahls’ general manager.

jan starr ted brian carleen gray
L-R: Jan Starr, Ted Stahl, Brian McLeod, Carleen Gray (Image courtesy Ted Stahl’s Blog)

“He was a key problem-solver because he always took the time needed to examine the situation from all angles. And he knew all the angles. Brian had an amazing understanding of the customers’ needs and was known for putting the customer first,” Ted Stahl notes. “We will always be grateful for the wisdom and insight he shared, as well as his calm and measured personality. He was a fantastic listener. Quick with a smile, yet reserved, he always knew how to make people feel comfortable and understood. His leadership experience made him an ideal mentor, and there are many folks at Stahls’ and Transfer Express that can attest to Brian having made an impact on their careers and their lives.”

GroupeSTAHL sends its deepest condolences to McLeod’s wife Sally, daughter Samantha, and all friends and family.

For more details on McLeod and his time at Stahls’, visit

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