Gravotech Merges Trademarks Under One Name


Gravotech, an international company specializing in marking and engraving technologies, merges its three trademarks Gravotech, Gravograph, and Technifor, to create Gravotech.

Lashon Jones, Gravotech’s U.S. marketing manager, says, “Our new brand is the catalyst for Gravotech’s deep transformation to review our organization, advance on our digital transformation, and be as close as possible to our customers’ applications.”

Gravotech’s new tagline, ‘Expression of Things,’ embodies its new vision and brand identity. With that comes a new website.

The company says its new vision reflects its “core business of empowering objects to express themselves through the written word, images and associated digital information.”

Gravotech’s new logo features finer lines, and the green, the group’s emblem color, remains, becoming lighter and more luminous.

The new site features navigation to products, applications, support, information on the company, and the Gravostore, a web store for engraving materials and supplies for signage, award, and print shops.

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