Giving Back: Sublimation101 Spends Weekend Honoring Veterans

To pay homage to his father, Michael Kaminsky of Sublimation101 spent a weekend in October raising money for veterans.

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Sublimation101 Michael Kaminsky korean war veteran fundraising car shows sublimation plaque
Sublimation101 Michael Kaminsky korean war veteran fundraising car shows sublimation plaque

Branchburg, New Jersey-based Sublimation101 spent a recent weekend raising funds for veterans at not one, but two car shows. The efforts stem from Sublimation CFO Michael Kaminsky paying homage to his father, who fought in the Korean War starting at the age of 18.

“I’ve always done things for veterans because of my dad,” says Kaminsky. “Since there are more events, I decided to go to fundraisers for veterans like my dad to give them more.”

The first car show of the weekend, held to honor veterans like Kaminsky’s father, was put on by the New Jersey Veterans Network on October 12 in Union, New Jersey.

The following day, Sublimation101 president Martha Ray and Kaminsky joined the Woodbridge Corvette Club for its 34th annual Corvette Classic Car and Truck Show in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Kaminsky says the members of the car club he belongs to, the Curb Appeal Car Club New Jersey, went as a club to raise money for veterans.

According to Kaminsky, the first event raised over $5,000, and the second raised over $20,000 for various veteran organizations.

Both events provided the opportunity for Kaminsky to show off his own Corvette, as well as showcase memorial products created for his father with sublimation. Kaminsky explains that Sublimation101 is donating a portion of the proceeds from orders received from the car shows to the veterans.

“It’s always nice to help,” Kaminsky adds. “The veterans’ event was just a thrill to go to.”


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