Based on One Franchisee’s Idea, Minuteman Takes ‘Bounce Back’ Program Nationwide

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Based on an idea from a Nashville, Tennessee, Minuteman Press franchisee, the company announces the launch of its Bounce Back USA initiative, in which it is providing free local business listings and COVID-19 safety posters to any local business that wants them.

The idea originated from John Taylor, owner of the Minuteman Press Franchise in Nashville, Tennessee.

“The day that the (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines came out to stay at home for the first time, I wondered how it might affect not just my business but Nashville,” Taylor says. “Everything was just turned off like a light switch after 24 hours. For two days, I found myself thinking about how to best approach this.”

He continues, “I realized that what I need to do is simply engage Nashville. Well, how can I do that? I can’t force it on them nor did I want to. Then, it hit me, and Bounce Back Nashville—now Bounce Back USA—was born.”

He first started by giving out COVID-19 prevention posters. Then, his idea grew and now he provides fellow businesses and neighbors with the free business listings, yard signs, banners, door decals, all to band everybody together in the fight against coronavirus.

“I engaged Nashville and Nashville is now engaging with me,” Taylor says. “We are going to support each other during this time. The response has been absolutely incredible. Everybody is in. Nobody wants to see themselves suffer and everybody has the same community spirit. It has been embraced like I couldn’t have imagined. The Bounce Back Nashville movement has 500 members already, and I am making ads every hour.”

To participate, business owners need only to go to, then select your state and your local Minuteman office. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit your company’s special offer or supportive message for publishing on the franchisee’s Bounce Back website at no charge. Just upload your logo and the message or offer, and the company says it will publish the message in the appropriate category. Along with your listing, you can order posters via safe delivery. The company says if local delivery of posters is not possible, a small shipping charge may apply. The posters, however, are free.

“When John told us what he was doing in Nashville, we thought it was a brilliant idea. I got on the phone with him and after discussing it we moved quickly to make the Bounce Back initiative available at all of our franchise locations so that we can help lift up other small businesses during this critical time,” says Minuteman company president Nick Titus. “It’s not just in Nashville but in communities across America where we are all in this together, and that’s what Bounce Back USA is all about.”

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