GET IN TOUCH! Mid-America Tour Hits Minneapolis Area

The tour will visit suppliers and share an inside look into the promotional products industry.

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freepromotips is embarking on its first GET IN TOUCH! Tour with a week-long trip in Minnesota. They will visit suppliers and share an inside look into the promotional products industry. Participating suppliers include: Fields Manufacturing, Showdown Displays, Crystal D, Webb Company, ID Line, Ball Pro, and Storm Creek. 

The GET IN TOUCH! Tour is a part of the GET IN TOUCH! campaign, which is a five-year, multi-million-dollar initiative supported by PPAI encouraging advertising buyers to “recognize the power of promotional products and allocate a larger share of their marketing dollars to the promotional products industry.” According to the association, the campaign’s tagline, “Advertising that lives on,” asks the viewer to consider how promotional products in marketing communications has the opportunity to last longer than other mediums.

Jeff Solomon, MAS, publisher of, says, “We hope to … learn more about what businesses are doing in their communities. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about suppliers.” 

Solomon will distribute GET IN TOUCH! branded promotional products to end-users throughout the week. “We know people love receiving branded products and we will be documenting the reaction to receiving these products, which are being produced in their home state of Minnesota,” he notes.

Also commenting on the upcoming tour is Andy Bertram, vice president of marketing for Fields Manufacturing. He says, “This kind of inside look into our company and manufacturing facilities aren’t possible to show at an industry event. We are looking forward to sharing what happens behind the scenes and hardworking team members.”

Bridget Dahlgren, director of sales and marketing for Crystal D, adds, “Our Memory Makers are thrilled to be able to give Jeff an inside look. We want to show who we are and what makes us ‘The Home of the WOW Effect.’ I’m really looking forward to this incredible opportunity.”

For information on this GET IN TOUCH! Tour and future tours in other cities, contact Jeff Solomon, MAS, at [email protected] or 661-298-1871.


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