Founder Sport Group Donates Over $800,000 to All Clear Foundation

Through the donation, All Clear Foundation increases support resources for first responders

Founder Sport Group
Founder Sport Group

All Clear Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the life expectancy and well-being of first responders, increases support resources for first responders thanks to more than $815,000 in cash donations from Founder Sport Group, a manufacturer of performance sports uniforms and fanwear for youth and adults nationwide.

When COVID-19 first hit the nation, Founder Sport Group immediately pivoted from making athleticwear to face masks, and partnered with All Clear Foundation to direct net proceeds from its Badger Sportswear branded Performance Activity Masks to first responders. Thousands of youth sports teams, schools, and organizations have since responded to this call by purchasing these masks.

The early donations enabled All Clear Foundation to make its peer-to-peer chat app, ResponderRel8, subscription-free to first responders for the foreseeable future, and expand outreach for its free personal health and wellness tool, YOU: ResponderStrong. These programs are designed to help strengthen peer connections, improve personal mental and physical wellness, and decrease stressors that can lead to trauma.

“First responders have been on the frontlines of the pandemic for more than five months,” says Janell Farr, All Clear Foundation president. “With Founder’s donation, we have been able to increase efforts for vital resources, supporting responders who are sacrificing even more than usual in service to their communities.”

Not only are first responders dealing with the stress associated with COVID-19, but they are also responding to wildfires across the country, tropical storms in the east, and hurricane season, including an inland hurricane that recently tore through the Midwest, as well as Hurricane Laura.

“First responders are truly responding to the call of duty by working in these unprecedented times,” says Denver Fire Captain Greg Pixley. “The pandemic is not going to let up anytime soon, and in most parts of the country, first responders are protecting the public from wildfires or disastrous storms. I’m glad I can tell Denver firefighters that All Clear Foundation is a resource for them whenever they need it.”

In Denver, All Clear Foundation’s headquarters, Founder Sport Group donated 2,000 Performance Activity Masks to the Denver Fire Department. Denver firefighters passed out masks in various public settings throughout August and plan to do so through September.

Founder Sport Group
Denver firefighters handed out Founders’ donated masks to the public during a socially-distanced Film on the Rocks viewing of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” at Colorado’s iconic and nationally acclaimed Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Aug. 27. (Image courtesy All Clear Foundation)

“We partnered with the All Clear Foundation because we were inspired to help during this time of need,” says Founder Sport Group CEO John Anton. “The response from our customers and consumers has been simply incredible, as evidenced by the record amount of money we have been able to donate to this great cause based on sales of our Performance Activity Mask.”

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