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Many thousands saw what was essentially an advertisement for the show's season premier, as the display ran twice a night for the past two weeks.

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In the run-up to the final season of HBO‘s immensely popular “Game of Thrones” series, the network and the producers of the show teamed up with MGM Resorts, owners of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles-based WET Design, architects of the Bellagio’s iconic water ballet, to promote the show.

With the new, final season of the show having its debut episode Sunday, April 14, for two weeks prior to that the Bellagio fountains were taken over nightly with a Game of Thrones theme.

MGM Resorts and HBO describe the twice-a-night show, which ended Saturday, as a “spectacular visual symphony” using the music from the show, plenty of pyrotechnics and video projections onto a wall of water. WET Design worked with the show’s musical composer to design a custom score that incorporates the theme song with other effects designed to heighten the drama.

“From the green glow of Wildfire and falling snow, to the undead dragon soaring above Lake Bellagio breathing vibrant blue flames that set the waters ablaze, and the crashing fall of The Wall, the fountains interpret some of the most memorable visuals of ‘Game of Thrones’ in entirely new ways,” read the press announcement of the installation.


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