FDC Graphic Films Recognizes 5 Employees for Embodying Core Values

The company presents Ambassador awards to its employees

FDC Core Values Ambassadors

FDC Graphic Films Inc. recognizes five employees as Core Values Ambassadors in the first quarter of 2021 for exemplifying one or more of the company’s five core values: integrity, kindness, resiliency, engagement, and drive for success.

“Our team, our customers, and the world have faced difficult challenges this past year. These team members demonstrate their commitment to the core values through their actions, which makes me very proud,” says Judy Eck, FDC CEO. “Thank you to all of the nominees. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by a team that is passionate about FDC’s goals and exhibits compassion toward one another every day.”

Jorge Barajas, a production associate, is recognized for his engagement. According to the company, Barajas is ready to help, even in adverse conditions. He focuses on progress and takes pride in his work, and checks his production numbers every day. He’s concerned with quality and quantity without complaints and has a good attitude.

Dan Davis, a shipping associate, is recognized for his integrity and drive for success in the company’s second double nomination. According to FDC, Davis is a hard worker, and when something goes awry, he accepts responsibility and fixes it. Most recently, he stayed at work two hours after his shift when he saw the team needed help reaching a shipping time goal, which they met with Davis’ help.

Julia Decocker, scheduler, is recognized for her engagement and drive for success. Decocker helped the shipping team complete orders recently. She made it possible for them to get their work done without hesitation.

Missy Frattini, customer care agent, is recognized for her engagement and drive for success. A customer reached out to FDC on a Friday evening via social media needing urgent support for a large job the next day. Frattini stayed over two hours past her shift to work with the freight carrier to help the customer get their order on time.

Emily Sharp, a production associate, is recognized for her kindness. Sharp stuck around to help give a co-worker a battery jump in the parking lot on a February evening during windy, blizzard conditions.

Each employee received an FDC Core Values Ambassador award certificate from the Work-Life team signed by Eck.


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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