Epson Launches Print Academy YouTube Channel

Epson launches the Epson Print Academy YouTube channel. 

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LONG BEACH, Calif.-Epson launches the Epson Print Academy YouTube channel. The channel features educational content designed for customers using Epson Professional Imaging products.

While the initial content caters to professionals in the photography market, the company plans to add videos geared towards other imaging-based markets like textile, graphic design, and signage.

“The importance of the print has remained paramount to our industry,” says Dan (Dano) Steinhardt, marketing manager at Epson America. “The new Epson Print Academy YouTube channel is designed to help a new generation of photographers and printmakers create exhibition quality prints, in addition to helping all Epson Professional Imaging customers hone their skills and produce the highest-quality output.”

Forthcoming content on the channel includes educational videos on topics like monitor calibration, color management, and printing. Additional footage focuses on celebrating the craft of printing and will include visits to events, workshops, and an inside look at renowned studios. Epson says the collection of videos aims to be a “central resource for Epson Professional Imaging products.”

Founded in 2001, the Epson Print Academy was established to help photographers navigate the world of digital photography and inkjet printing. Today the resource offers updated technical information and insight into advanced techniques for a variety of imaging industry professionals.

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