Design’N’Buy Releases 4.2 Software Update

In addition, the company's plug-in is now available on OpenCart

All-In-One Web2Print software

Design’N’Buy, a web-to-print solutions provider, announces it has updated its flagship software, All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P). In addition, its plug-in DesignO is now available on OpenCart.

Version 4.2

“Whenever we are done with one version, people ask us what’s next. They are also keen to know what new exciting features we are going to offer them in the next updated version because, with every update, things are becoming a lot easier and advantageous for them. Hence, our customers and clients are a lot more eager than us to explore the new features of AIOW2,” shares Nidhi Agrawal, founder of Design’N’Buy.

Features added within the 4.2 update include:

  • Improved image color detection
  • Ability to make any “Admin Album” public
  • 3D preview of custom-size packaging with an open/closed lid

Agrawal adds, “Every version of ours is an effort to make web-to-print easily accessible and convenient for our users without any help of an expert. We make sure that every version serves something new and better to our users and eliminates any kind of struggle they were facing in the previous one. So, we try and run tests numerous times before releasing even a minor update to our users.”


DesignO, Design’N’Buy’s API-based web-to-print design tool, is now available on OpenCart.

Explaining the need, Agrawal remarks, “We launched it with minimal abilities to integrate with only a few platforms at first, but after receiving demands from store owners running their store on other platforms like OpenCart, we understood that our DesignO is a hit among print providers and that it has a long way to go.”

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