Corel Rebrands as Alludo

The name Alludo is said to represent a cohesive identity and is a nod to the company’s purpose

Corel rebrand Alludo
(Image courtesy Alludo)

Corel, a global technology company and maker of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, announces that it is undergoing a full rebrand, including a new name: Alludo.

According to the company, the rebranding is part of its commitment to reimagining the future of work — not just where people work but also how, when, and even why they work.

“This is a watershed moment for us,” says Christa Quarles, CEO, Alludo. “We’re reimagining the way the world works by not just writing a new chapter, but a whole new playbook. This new playbook reimagines what work feels like — for our customers and ourselves. We believe in working better and living better, and we want our solutions to deliver just that, boldly and intentionally. That’s why we’ve decided it’s time for a new brand. We’re delighted to share this news with you today by welcoming you to Alludo.”

The name Alludo is said to represent a cohesive identity and is a nod to the company’s purpose: to empower “all you do.” With this purpose in mind, Alludo says it will continue to focus on growth organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

alludo corel timeline
Corel/Alludo Timeline (Image courtesy Alludo)

“The Alludo parent brand respects the identity and purpose of its sub-brands while tying them more closely together. Now, all employees are united under one brand, no matter what they’re working on or where they are in the world,” states the company.

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