Connecticut Franchisees Newest to Join Minuteman Press’s President’s Million-Dollar Circle

Michael and Lindsey Weber are second-generation Minuteman Press franchisees.

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Farmingdale, New York-based franchisor Minuteman Press International announces that Michael and Lindsey Weber have become two of the newest members of the company’s President’s Million-Dollar Circle.

The recognition goes to franchisees that achieve gross sales of at least $1 million.

The two are second-generation franchisees for the company. After graduating college neither enjoyed their jobs in Boston so they decided to follow the lead of Michael’s parents, Gail and Steve Weber, and become Minuteman Press franchisees.

Michael and Lindsey Weber have been Minuteman Press franchise owners in Enfield, Connecticut, for 15 years. Lindsey Weber says it’s a great time to be in the industry despite the fact that everything is becoming more digitized all the time.

“We see it first-hand on a daily basis,” she says. “Printing isn’t going anywhere, it’s just evolving and Minuteman Press helps us stay ahead of the curve and up to date with the latest trends. At every networking event we attend, people are handing out business cards.  Mail pieces are actually getting more attention these days because they are tangible objects that have to be noticed when they arrive in the mail. Getting something unusual in the mail is actually interesting to people who feel overwhelmed by their email inbox. To us, printing also encompasses promotional products and apparel. Like paper printing, these items are branded specifically for our customers to help with their marketing efforts. There is so much growth opportunity within promotional products and apparel, and these are frequently purchased by the same customers who purchase printing.”

Gail and Steve Weber have also been part of the Minuteman Press International President’s Million-Dollar Circle for many years, and Michael Weber says he grew up around the family business.

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