Colormaker Industries Saves Over 300 Tons of GHGs Using Solar Array

According to the company, all product is now made using 100% renewable power

(Image courtesy Colormaker)

Colormaker Industries, the Australia-based manufacturer of PERMASET water-based screen-printing inks, announces it has saved over 300 tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) over the course of its first two years relying on its solar panels. Through this, the company says it has provided enough clean electricity to power 41 local homes.

According to Colormaker, all product is now made using 100% renewable power and a new electric vehicle, charged exclusively via solar energy, makes local deliveries. In addition to this, its bills have decreased by over 83%.

“We are absolutely committed to being carbon neutral and have set ourselves a target of 2025-2030,” says David Stuart, managing director. “This array is only one step on that journey. We launched solvent-free PERMASET inks way back in 2003/4, but we’re excited to feel the pace of change really picking up with the new generation of printers.”

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