Colorkarma Joins Forces with Gerber Technology in PPE Matchmaking Directory

The directory allows manufacturers to find the support and resources they need to transition to PPE

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Gerber Technology partners with creative platform Colorkarma to develop a user-friendly interface for the company’s PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program.

“As companies all over the world are navigating through this difficult time, connecting to the right companies such as raw materials suppliers or companies who are able to cut or sew is essential to having a smooth transition to PPE,” says Karsten Newbury, chief strategy and digital officer at Gerber Technology. “Our partnership with Colorkarma will allow manufacturers to quickly find the exact contacts they need for fast and efficient PPE production.”

Together, Gerber and Colorkarma created a directory for Gerber’s PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program. The program aims to connect manufacturers with suppliers that can provide them with the resources and support needed to transition to PPE production.

“We are excited to extend the Colorkarma platform to support Gerber’s PPE Task Force Initiative,” says Shoshana Burgett, owner of Colorkarma. “Colorkarma created the PPE directory to bring together designers, manufacturers, and suppliers in order to help businesses quickly shift their production from printing, packaging, textiles, etc., to PPE. Together, we can fight against the SARS-CoV2 pandemic and support the local, regional, and global PPE needs.”

Jeff King of Apparel Manufacturing & Digital Services, LLC, adds, “Prior to this program, the research required to find the right partner for your needs was exhausting and time-consuming.  Now I can review this list and, in a matter of minutes, find a variety of resources saving precious time and money.”

In addition to the Matchmaking Directory, Colorkarma worked with Gerber to create a PPE Feasibility Matrix to identify the level of effort required to produce certain PPEs based on the manufacturers’ current production.

To join the PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program or PPE Task Force, visit

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