CMYUK Appointed UK and Ireland Distributor for Gerber’s MCT Laser Cutters

Gerber Technology bought MCT Digital last fall and has been rolling the products out under its ownership globally this year.

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CMYUK Appointed UK and Ireland Distributor for Gerber's MCT Laser Cutters
CMYUK Appointed UK and Ireland Distributor for Gerber's MCT Laser Cutters

CMYUK, a UK-based distributor of wide-format supplies and equipment, announces that it has been appointed as the UK and Ireland distributor for laser cutters made by New Berlin, Wisconsin-based MCT Digital, a manufacturer of digital, grand-format flatbed X/Y cutting systems.

MCT Digital is a subsidiary of Tolland, Connecticut-based Gerber Technology, which purchased MCT in the fall of 2018 and has been rolling out the MCT line under its ownership globally this year.

“It’s a natural fit,” says Scott Schinlever, president and chief operating officer, Automation Solutions, Gerber Technology. “The UK is the second-largest Western out-of-home signage market in the world, following the U.S. With CMYUK’s position in the market, I see it as a huge opportunity for us together to serve CMYUK’s growing customer base with digital finishing and workflow software.”

“Laser cutting is perfect for anyone who wants to get into soft signage, textiles and flags,” says Nick Reed, CMYUK’s digital cutting specialist and ESKO business manager. “The ability to eliminate the need for sewing is such a compelling advantage, and one which is set to be such a strong focus for the near- to medium-term.

“We are witnessing huge demand for soft furnishings, interior décor and personalization within the digitally printed textile market. These need to be cut with a laser, which not only handles irregular shapes with ease but also seals raw edges. Further down the line, prototyping, fast fashion and highly customizable short-runs will be screaming out for this type of finishing.”

The Gerber MCT Cutter is equipped with a high-powered laser that delivers heat-sealed, non-fraying edges.

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