Charles River Apparel Announces Organizational Changes

These organizational changes include the advancement of key team members and hiring of new talent.

Charles River Apparel
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Charles River Apparel has announced the advancement of key team members and welcomed new talent across the organization.

This included changes to their leadership team, promoting former Marketing Director Jason Lipsett to vice president of strategic initiatives, and hiring Tejinder Virk as vice president of supply chain.

Over recent months, the company also hired new employees in marketing, supply chain, and information technology, including Pamela Preuss, Theresa Carey, Lucy Barajas, and Trevor Hetherton.

According to the company, the organizational changes mark the start of a new era for Charles River Apparel. After celebrating its 40th year in business in 2023, the company shifted its focus from the past to the future. With several strategic initiatives planned for 2024 and beyond, the organization says it is well-positioned to adapt and excel to changing economic and apparel industry landscapes.

Jason Lipsett will continue to oversee marketing while now fueling efforts with the leadership team to advance strategic planning, spearhead key projects, and nurture the company’s organizational development and culture.

“As a family business, we believe our success boils down to our incredible team,” said Lipsett. “We’re energized by the exciting changes happening within the organization and see numerous opportunities as we continue to evolve the organization with forward-thinking strategies.”

Virk brings two decades of experience in supply chain, product development, sourcing, production management, and manufacturing with global brands. In his role as vice president of supply chain, Virk will work closely with Lipsett to continue the company’s legacy of providing award-winning apparel.

“The Apparel and Textile Industry has been my professional DNA on the senior management level for over two decades,” said Virk. “Charles River Apparel’s product line is well within my professional expertise and certainly a catalyst in my decision to take on the challenge to head the Supply Chain compounded by the longevity and history of the company. I am looking forward to the privilege of managing and executing Charles River Apparel’s supply chain process.”

The company’s shift into forward-thinking strategies also appears in expanding its senior and middle management roles. Marketing Manager Pam Preuss brings over 17 years of experience in the branding and marketing of apparel and footwear products. Working alongside Lipsett, Preuss will lead the effective communication of these initiatives to the company’s national customer base.

In addition, Apparel Product Developer Theresa Carey and Product Manager Lucy Barajas will join Virk to uphold the company’s promise of providing quality products. Information Technology Operations Manager Trevor Hetherton will work with Jeison Ortega to ensure a safe and secure customer experience.

These organizational changes follow the promotion of Sharon Steed from director of national accounts to director of sales. With new positions and hires, Charles River Apparel stated it looks forward to continuing to provide value to its customers.

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