Boundless Network Names CEO

Aaron Hamer takes over the leadership role from former CEO Dave Klotter.

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Aaron Hamer (Image: LinkedIn)

Boundless Network, a full-service promotional products company, announced that it has named Aaron Hamer as its new CEO. Former CEO Dave Klotter will be moving on from the company.

The leadership change follows Boundless’ recent acquisition of Touchstone II.

“I took over Monday (Feb. 19) in conjunction with Boundless’ acquisition of Touchstone,” explained Hamer. “I am really thankful for Dave’s leadership and the mark he’s left on Boundless.”

Hamer came to the role directly from Treaty Oak Equity, Boundless’ partner company. Prior to that role, he worked in banking, PE, and C-Suite leadership/corporate finance positions.

He stated, “My passion is working with companies to grow and scale. Transformative initiatives are necessary, but hard – our industry is at an inflection point and we have every intention to take advantage of the exciting opportunities afforded by the inevitable change being driven by PromoStandards, AI, e-commerce proliferation, etc… While a different industry, I spent 7 years running a produce business as it grew 4x, and when I left we had over 2,500 employees across 10 sites with a coast-to-coast presence.  I’ve been working with the Boundless team already for two years on growth and transformation initiatives, so I have great relationships and trust with our employees and sales partners.”

Hamer expressed excitement about the Boundless leadership role and the promotional products industry.

“I am really excited about our opportunity to deliver on our vision of being ‘the best home for the best salespeople in the industry.’ We are making significant investments in technology, teams, and capabilities that will make that vision a reality. Boundless is such an incredible business with an infectious culture – it is exactly the kind of business anyone would be lucky enough to lead as there are exceptional people working together to do incredible things. My motto is that ‘first we will be best, and then we will be first.’  I am driven by excellence and making sure we have the tools and capabilities that allow our salespeople to excel.  If we do the things necessary to be the best, growth will be inevitable,” said Hammer.

He continued, “Boundless’ history of growth is certainly a testament to the growth mindset that is pervasive in our company today. We are working on exciting solutions that we expect will resonate with many folks in the industry. Importantly, we continue to lean into the fully-commission sales model when I know many others are focused on moving away from that channel because of perceived economic benefits from a full enterprise sales model. I think that’s naïve and misses the mark – our commissioned sales partners are amazing and dedicated to their clients in a way that is inspiring to watch – that model works for so many different customers and use cases.”

Hamer concluded, “We are also developing turnkey solutions for retiring sales partners to monetize their business and feel really good about their customer’s transition, which allows them to benefit monetarily from all the hard work they have done to build their book of business. We will never pursue an aggressive and impersonal recruiting campaign – that feels terrible. If we do the right things and build the right platform, sales reps and distributors will seek us out and that feels like the right way – those are the partners we will want to be part of our network.”

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