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BIC Graphic North America announces a company name change. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, the company name changes to Koozie Group. The promotional products supplier has operated under the BIC name since 1969 and has owned the Koozie brand since 2009.

“Our organization flourished under the BIC Graphic name for over 50 years, and we were predominantly known for writing instruments. We’ve expanded our abilities and are evolving as a company, so it makes sense to have a name that best reflects our vision and mission,” says Melissa Ralston, chief marketing officer at BIC Graphic NA.

BIC Graphic NA conducted internal surveys, focus groups (internal and customer), and worked with outside branding agencies throughout 2019 to develop a list of over 800 names to consider. According to the company, it selected Koozie Group because its “flagship Koozie brand clearly aligns with the company’s goal of providing useful solutions that evoke positive vibes and spark lasting memories.”

Despite the name having roots in drinkware, Koozie Group will provide an assortment of products, categories, and brands that BIC Graphic is known for, including BIC writing instruments.

“Changing to Koozie Group is a great move for us because it better explains what we aspire to be moving forward,” adds David A. Klatt Jr., BIC Graphic NA chief executive officer. “Just mentioning the word Koozie brings a big smile to people’s faces as it reminds them of a great event or experience in their lives. Creating that feeling is exactly what we want to do for our customers’ brands.”

The new Koozie Group tagline, Keep the Good Going, aligns with a purpose to provide promo solutions that insulate a brand’s image and preserve a “best moment.” The organization is also implementing a social impact and sustainability commitment program in 2021, called Keep it Give it.

Operating under the new name opens selling opportunities outside the U.S., Canada, and approved territories.

Since September 2019, an internal task force, including team members from all departments, has been developing a thorough transition plan encompassing all areas of BIC Graphic NA’s business. The Koozie Group name was announced to all BIC Graphic NA employees in January.

BIC Graphic NA has already begun switching to Koozie Group at its facilities and within its internal messaging.

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