Atlantis Headwear’s Parent Company Becomes Benefit Corporation

Master Italia SpA transitioned to a benefit corporation earlier this year.

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Master Italia SpA, the Italian parent company of sustainable brand Atlantis Headwear, transitioned to a benefit corporation, effective Jan. 11. Under its new title, Master Italia SpA – Società Benefit a Socio Unico, the company states it “underscores its unwavering commitment to prioritize both profit and the common good.”

The decision is said to mark a significant milestone in Master Italia’s journey towards sustainability. Since 2018, the ethos of sustainability has been deeply embedded within the fabric of the company, and especially its subsidiary, Atlantis Headwear. According to the company, now, as a benefit corporation, this commitment is further solidified, aligning the organization’s values with its operational practices.

“At the Master Italia family, we believe in the power of business to drive positive change,” said Federico Pasini, Atlantis Headwear vice president. “Transitioning to a benefit corporation is a natural progression of our ongoing dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. We are thrilled to embark on this journey and lead the way in our industry.”

Embracing the principles of civil economy, Master Italia SpA has meticulously crafted specific goals that guide daily operations. These objectives are integrated into a comprehensive action plan, shaping the company’s trajectory toward a 100% sustainable future by 2025.

As a benefit corporation, Master Italia SpA is committed to operating with transparency and accountability, with a focus on six key impact areas: governance, people, environment, community, product, and supply chain. Each area is accompanied by specific micro-goals aimed at continuous improvement and progress. Moreover, the company pledges to publish an annual impact report, showcasing its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

While distinct from B Corps, benefit corporations share a common goal of balancing profit with social and environmental impact. With this transition, Master Italia SpA aims to not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards set forth by B Lab, ultimately seeking certification as a B Corp in the future.

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