Alumet Supply Now a Part of the Wieland Group

A.J. Oster, of which Alumet is still a part, under the broader Wieland Group umbrella, has 11 North American facilities.

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Alumet Supply Now a Part of the Wieland Group
Alumet Supply Now a Part of the Wieland Group

Parsippany, New Jersey-based Alument Supply, which manufacturers pre-painted and pre-anondized aluminum sheets for a variety of industries, including sign making, is now a part of the Germany-based Wieland Group, which specializes in coppers and copper alloys.

Alumet Supply is a division of  A.J. Oster LLC, which itself is a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings Inc. It’s Global Brass and Copper that is merging with and subsequently being acquired by Wieland, bringing Alumet under Wieland’s very large corporate umbrella.

Global Brass and Copper is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wieland Group.

Combined, the new Wieland Group now consists of more than 90 facilities globally and about 9,000 employees.

The Wieland Group’s roots date back to 1820.

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