Agfa Announces Third Price Increase for Offset Printing Plates

The price increase will be effective from Nov. 1 onwards

printing plate Agfa
(Image courtesy Agfa)

For the third time in less than 10 months, Agfa will increase the price of its offset printing plates and chemicals.

The specific — but double-digit — price increases will apply from Nov. 1 onwards and will be communicated directly to Agfa’s customers.

The company sites raw material shortages for the decision, saying that it remains an ongoing concern and the competitive environment to secure aluminum and other raw materials has accelerated the cost increase. In addition to the raw material cost pressure, it says logistics and operational costs have soared, as the economic recovery drives demand for these.

“Initially, we were hoping the inflationary pressure would be of a temporary nature, but the issues with global supplies of crucial raw materials have not shown any signs of stabilization. They are likely to stay at these levels in 2022. Agfa will be reviewing the need for further pricing actions on a quarterly basis,” says Frederik Dehing, VP of global sales.

According to the company, as used aluminum offset plates are being recycled, the price increases will, to a large extent, be compensated for by the increased value printers will get from their scrap aluminum.

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