A&E Exclusive: Victory Trophies Celebrates General Manager’s 30th Anniversary

Check out the custom award they made for Mark Hooper for his work anniversary.

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Victory Trophies, a Portsmouth, England-based supplier of trophies, awards, glassware, and giftware, recently celebrated the 30th work anniversary of its general manager, Mark Hooper. The company recognized Hooper by presenting him with a custom award, which was made from the shop’s old doorstop – a fixture that has been around as long as Hooper has – and a series of plates engraved with his favorite sayings.

“It was a team effort to come up with a suitable award for Mark,” says Owner Melzie Smith. Together they came up with suggestions tailored to the honoree: the gold-sprayed dog, engraved sayings, and Stars Wars font. “We had great fun discussing the various options and finally bringing it all together for him.”

According to Smith, the award is well-deserved. “I bought the company from the previous owners just over five years ago primarily (because) I was so impressed with the way Mark conducted himself front of house,” she says. “He has a wonderful way with customers; (he is) attentive to their requirements in every way.”

Smith continues, “On the more (technical) side of the business – the actual engraving – Mark is extremely experienced in all areas. Since we bought the business, we have invested in a laser engraving machine and Mark has embraced the new technology with nothing but enthusiasm.”

Hooper also shares a word about his work anniversary. He says, “It is a privilege to be engraving trophies for the fourth generation of some families. (I’ve) seen mothers and fathers bring in (their) daughter’s and son’s awards to now be dealing with their granddaughter’s and grandson’s, all following family traditions in a variety of sports and clubs alike.”

Hooper originally came to the company as a youth training candidate, a government-backed initiative to help school leaders get jobs. After only three weeks, he was offered a full-time position as the junior member of the team. “He progressed to ‘top dog’ over a period of 15 years and has remained the principal member of the VT team since then,” Smith explains. “Mark has learned amazing customer service skills as well as the engraving skills required to complete any job thrown at him. Tolerance, politeness, and understanding underpin everything Mark encounters in his work life.”

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