A&E Exclusive: GCC Celebrates 30 Years of Business

To promote the anniversary, the company unveiled a special logo.

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GCC, a global manufacturing company that produces a range of decorating equipment for signage, apparel, identification, gifts, and promotions, celebrates 30 years of business this year. To promote the anniversary, the company unveiled a special logo, which can be seen on its website and throughout other places for the remainder of the year. 

Back in 1989, when Jim Lai founded Great Computer Corp. (GCC) in New Taipei City, Taiwan, he focused on providing PC products and mainframe boards. Another part of the company manufactured computer peripherals; this included computer-aided design (CAD) applications and ink pen plotters for mechanical drawing.

Lai approached Leonard Shih in 1992 while Shih worked as a principle engineer for the Lockheed Corp. (now, Lockheed Martin) in Los Angeles, California. Once Shih came on board, GCC moved into manufacturing sign-cutting plotters, creating the SignPal vinyl plotter in 1995. With a familiarity of XY tables technology, two years of development led to GCC’s first laser engraving system, the LaserPro, in 1998. 

GCC has grown quite a bit over the years. Nowadays, it has subsidiaries in KunShan, China, Los Angeles in the U.S., and the Netherlands in Europe, as well as hundreds of distributors worldwide. 

“GCC has always committed itself to transforming product-oriented into customer-oriented by innovation with a human touch,” states Matt Hsu, GCC marketing specialist. 

According to Hsu, the company is committed to persistently pursuing goals to meet customers’ needs. GCC headquarters has close to 150 employees, with one-third of them focused on research and development. “Blending with the state-of-the-art research and development resources, GCC has developed a philosophy that consists of a strong technological foundation, coupled with a customer-oriented product development focus that truly reflects market requirements,” explains Hsu. 

After years of hard work, in addition to maintaining the existing scale in research and development, Hsu says the company feels the need to expand its business horizon, enhance the brand, and enter a new era of value creations. 

GCC plans to advertise the news and logo to the public in celebration, along with other promotions still in the works. 

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