A Letter from NBM President Dave Pomeroy

NBM president Dave Pomeroy says, "We’ll be there for you every day."

Dave Pomeroy NBM president Broomfield Colorado national business media
Dave Pomeroy NBM president Broomfield Colorado national business media

Here at National Business Media, our mission of “connecting those who know with those who want to know” has never been so important.

We’re humbled and inspired by your stories as you react, pivot, and adapt to new immediate needs and realities. For many of you, your business was stopped in its tracks, so you turned it into an opportunity to give to your community, the nation, or even the world. Your charity and leadership won’t go unnoticed; the impact will be felt.

Keep those stories coming. Tell us what and how you are doing. If you are a supplier or distributor to the industry, please keep everyone updated as to your company’s status.

Our pledge to you: NBM will continue to provide essential, reliable, helpful information for you and your business as we navigate through this global health crisis together. We’ll be there for you every day with timely supplier updates, relevant business resources, and tips to keep you going. In this time of isolation, we will act as a connecting point between suppliers, distributors, and you, the industry shops, and businesses that rely on them, just as they depend on you.

For now, that might mean sharing information just to help you remain in business; soon it will include sharing ideas to help you claw your way back and start producing again—however that may look.

For now, daily updates from Printwear, Sign & Digital Graphics, and A&E bring clarity to the challenges in front of you. Starting May 1, with the unification of those three brands into GRAPHICS PRO, we’ll continue to help you navigate through those challenges but will also open you up to new opportunities with related graphics applications.

For now, we’ve hit pause on our favorite face-to-face way of connecting, THE NBM SHOW. It will be back (and won’t that feel great?), but even sooner, you can look for the debut of THE NBM SHOW Breakaway Sessions. Coming May 20, the first Breakaway Session Let’s Get Back to Business! is an online event that will help you connect, learn, and drill deep into the disciplines and technologies that drive your business.

As of now, many of us are under guidance to stay at home. I hope you are safe and healthy. Soon, we will all start making those first steps, tentative as they may have to be, back into the daylight. We’ll move forward together into new challenges but also new opportunities when we re-emerge.

With warm regards,

Dave Pomeroy
President, National Business Media Inc.

Dave Pomeroy

Dave Pomeroy

National Business Media (NBM)

A veteran at NBM, Dave was named President in 2019 after serving as Publisher of several titles and Vice President of Publishing & Markets since 2013. Dave has nearly 30 years of experience in B2B media.

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