YESCO Celebrates 100 Years of Iconic Signage

This company's resumé boasts of some of the most recognizable signs in the world.

Salt Lake City-based YESCO, creators of some of the most iconic signage on the planet, is celebrating its 100th year in business in 2020.

The family-owned and operated company began in 1920 in Ogden, Utah, when founder Thomas Young borrowed $300 from his father to start the business. At the beginning it specialized in wall-painted advertisements, gold-leaf window lettering and coffin plates.

Today, YESCO is headquartered in Salt Lake City and headed up by second-, third- and fourth-generation members of the Young family. The company has three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants featuring automated and custom equipment, as well as sales and service offices located around the country. YESCO also operates a franchise sign-and-lighting service business throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“This year marks an extraordinary milestone for our family’s business,” says Jeff Young, vice president and chief marketing officer for YESCO. “Thanks to my grandfather’s vision and ingenuity during the pioneering days of sign design, along with the hard work of nearly 1,100 employees today, our company is-literally-looking ahead to a bright future.”

A pivotal moment in the history of YESCO was its entry into the burgeoning Las Vegas market in 1932, with the iconic Boulder Club sign, which depicted a stein of flowing beer. With this sign and others, YESCO became a pioneer in incorporating neon into storefront advertising and acquired national recognition for its creativity. In 1945, the company opened a branch in Las Vegas, which today represents its largest.

To celebrate its milestone anniversary, YESCO will host 100-year anniversary events in several cities including:

  • Salt Lake City-Feb. 20
  • Denver-Feb. 28
  • Los Angeles-March 6
  • Phoenix-March 14
  • Reno, Nevada-March 16
  • Las Vegas-March 20
  • Boise, Idaho-March 27

For a look back at the company’s first 100 years, click here.

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