World Emblem Earns Facility and Merchandise Authorization Certification

World Emblem earns Facility and Merchandise Authorization (FAMA).

world emblem
world emblem

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.-World Emblem earns Facility and Merchandise Authorization (FAMA). The company says it received the certification at its Mexico facility after a recent audit by the Fair Labor Association.

FAMA certification features a multi-step process which includes an extensive application and submission period. Following these steps, a FAMA representative conducts an in-person factory audit to ensure the company meets licensing requirements as well as adheres to strict standards. The representative assesses various company factors including compliance with health and safety laws; documentation of factory receipts on payroll, records, and employee files; and personnel interviews, where employees are asked about working conditions.

With the certification, World Emblem says it is now authorized to manufacture licensed products including merchandise for Disney.

“World Emblem truly believes its employees and clients are their most important assets,” the company states in a press release. “They are committed to maintaining top facilities and remaining at the forefront of ingenuity by continually looking for opportunities for improvement.”

FAMA marks the newest in high-level certifications for the global company. In 2018, the Mexico facility passed Sumerra’s Social Compliance Audit with a perfect score. Sumerra is an international auditing company that ensures safe working conditions, workers’ rights, and environmental stewardship.

For more information, visit http://www.worldemblem.com/.

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