World Emblem Celebrates 25th Anniversary in October

World Emblem celebrates its 25th anniversary on Oct. 5. 

world emblem
world emblem

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.-World Emblem celebrates its 25th anniversary on Oct. 5. The company says it plans to mark the occasion with a series of in-house celebrations at its various facilities.

Founded in 1993, the company now operates U.S. locations in Georgia, California, and Illinois. Internationally, the organization has locations in Mexico, Ontario, and a strategic partner in the United Kingdom, J&A International. After the passing of company founder Jerold Carr in 2000, Carr’s sons Randy and Jamie Carr took over significant roles at the company. Randy Carr serves as CEO while Jamie Carr covers the company’s markets in Canada and Michigan and serves as a shareholder. As CEO, Randy Carr oversees all business initiatives, IT projects, expansions, and acquisitions.

As part of the upcoming celebration, World Emblem says Randy Carr will broadcast a short speech thanking employees at the company, many of whom hold a tenure of 15 years or more.

For more information, visit https://www.worldemblem.com.

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