Word to the Wise: Never Stop Selling

No matter how things are going, never stop marketing your business

No matter how things are going, you should never stop marketing your business. Whether through old-school, cold-call prospecting or establishing your brand via social media and events, there’s nothing to produce without looking for incoming orders. If you don’t like to sell, partner with, or hire someone who does.

For those of you who fear you’ll have to employ the ‘used car salesman’ tactics to sell, it’s time to throw out that image. This idea of ‘shady’ sales is predicated on pushing a ‘lemon’ on unsuspecting people with pressure and unfair tactics.

If you create a product you can believe in, selling is just the process of recommending something you sincerely think will please or profit the customer. You are giving good advice while caring about why and how the customer would use your product. If you adhere to this method, you are a consultant, not some swindler. If you don’t believe in your product enough to honestly feel you can recommend it, change your product until you do, and you’ll never have to feel poorly about selling.

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Allee Bruce

Alexandria Bruce

Alexandria Bruce is the former managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO magazine.

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