Women of the Graphics Industry

In honor of Women's History Month, we dug into the talents being demonstrated by the women of the industry

The graphics industry is filled with talent. Be it full-color sublimated custom home decor, vehicle wraps with stunning, intricate details, personalized print apparel for local businesses, and more, the creativity in this industry is far-reaching.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we decided to dig into the talents being demonstrated by the women of the industry. Some bring business and marketing expertise to the table, some are graphic designers and artists, and some are out in the field getting their hands dirty. Many do it all. Whether working alongside partners or friends, these women shine at what they do. Featured here are just a few of the many women making waves in the graphics industry.

Jen Carney, Carbon Wraps
Jen Carney, Carbon Wraps

Jen Carney, Carbon Wraps

Orlando, Florida

What you do: “I am the co-owner of our husband-and-wife company. I started solely on the business side, ensuring all paperwork, finances, scheduling, etc., were in order. When I graduated from grad school in 2014, I added wrapping to my arsenal. Now, we both handle all aspects of the business, from incoming calls and emails, client meetings, sales, accounting, designing (although Steve has a bit of an edge on me there), to installations. We are able to tag-team our efforts and rely on each other in a completely different way than when we started in 2009.”

Favorite part about what you do: “First, I value making people happy. From beginning to end, I want to make sure our clients get an experience worth their time and money. When our clients see their project complete, and they get excited, I know we accomplished our goal. Second, when people come in and ask, ‘What color was the car originally?’ If they can’t tell, then I know we wrapped it well.”

Wren George, WrenSong Creations
Wren George, WrenSong Creations

Wren George, WrenSong Creations

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

What you do: “(I) began etching glass using a catalog start-up kit to make unique gifts for friends and family. We have many design options … I enjoy adapting and combining designs and love the challenge of creating a new design. All pieces are handcrafted and often combine multiple techniques including surface etching, carving, stained glass, and hot glass.”

Favorite part about what you do: “I love, love, love the idea to application part. The ‘how am I going do that? Wait … whoa! That might work,’ the creative part, the figuring it out …”

Carla Schlosser, Schlosser Signs Inc.
Carla Schlosser, Schlosser Signs Inc.

Carla Schlosser, Schlosser Signs Inc.

Loveland and Denver, Colorado

What you do: “I’m one of the owners and CEO. My partner and co-owner is my oldest son, Alex, who is president and general manager. He and I have been working together for more than 21 years. Alex works on the operations side of the business and manages project managers, fabrication, and installation, and service. I work with overall management and sales. Together we provide vision and strategy to accomplish company goals.”

Favorite part about what you do: “I’ve always enjoyed managing and have always been an independent person, so owning my own company allows for this. I enjoy strategic thinking, problem-solving, and taking risks. It feels good to see staff grow through coaching and development. It’s always a good feeling to know our clients are satisfied and have positive experiences with us. Finding solutions to the ever-challenging landscape in business is satisfying to me.”

Kym Ganeles, Artist Proof Collective
Kym Ganeles, Artist Proof Collective

Kym Ganeles, Artist Proof Collective

Denver, Colorado

What you do: “I’m the lead designer. I hold degrees in fine art and art history, but ‘artist’ isn’t always the most reliable career choice, financially speaking. I’d previously worked as a teacher and a glass artist, but I was ready to make the move into something more stable and fulfilling.”

Favorite part about what you do: “The constant variety—every project is different and requires me to flex my creative muscles. I can’t imagine working a job where I had to do the same thing over and over and over.”

Jann Middo Hayley Mullin sockprints
L-R: Jann Middo, Hayley Mullin, Sockprints

Hayley Mullin, Sockprints

Torrance, California

What you do: “My business partner, Jann Middo, and I co-founded Sockprints in 2009. Jann brings a wealth of hosiery experience and expertise to our company. She worked for K.Bell socks as the SVP of design and managed and worked with many national accounts, including Costco and other major retailers.”

Favorite part about what you do: “The creative process and the opportunity to learn something new daily. In addition to staying on top of the printed apparel industry, we are also eCommerce entrepreneurs. Learning about SEO, website design, marketing, and a whole lot more keeps it interesting for sure! How we reach our customers is an ever-changing landscape, and it’s exciting to explore new ways to do it.”

Learn more about each of these women in the March issue of GRAPHICS PRO.
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