Wiretap Rebrands as Aware

The company's CEO says the name better speaks to the broad range of the company's products, beyond just the security and compliance technology.

aware_275x275Columbus, Ohio-based Wiretap, which makes digital signage geared toward office and commercial environments, as well as government compliance-related technology, announces that it is rebranding to Aware.

In a letter he published on the company’s website, CEO Jeff Schumann writes: “After two years of working in the rapidly evolving collaboration space and serving the digital workplaces of hundreds of organizations around the globe, this name speaks to both the next chapter in our journey and the future of work.”

He says that since the company launched, he and his team have noticed that the strongest workplaces are ones that allow and encourage their employees to collaborate and share ideas and provide them the digital tools to do so efficiently and safely.

“That being said, the Wiretap name and shield icon served its purpose of speaking to our security and compliance solution; but it doesn’t completely embody our true spirit of collaboration. At this stage in our journey, Aware better speaks to our overall vision, and is truly more relevant to our entire family of products.”

He noted in the letter that the company has nearly 400 customers using its technology, and beyond the name change they will see no difference in the quality of the technology or in the level of customer service his team delivers.

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