Wide Open Throttle Graphics Expands with New Equipment

Founded in 2019, Wide Open Throttle Graphics in Alberta, Canada, is an example of a newer shop that was just gaining steam before COVID-19 hit. Utilizing wide-format printing technology, Open Throttle Graphics grew from a home-based startup with only one customer to a full-service shop offering a range of services to a significantly larger customer base.

“I started out wrapping graphics to snowmobiles from my basement with just a Roland DG TrueVIS SG-540,” explains Chris Thiessen, owner of Wide Open Throttle Graphics. “That machine served me well, so with my workload growing, I decided to upgrade to a TrueVIS VG2-540. That’s when things began to change dramatically. Soon I was able to open a full-service shop offering not only snowmobile wraps, but also wraps and graphics for motocross bikes, personal cars and trucks, and fleet vehicles.”Wide Open Throttle Snowmobile graphics closeup Roland DG TrueVIS VG2 540 printer cutter

Thiessen adds that faster print speeds, a wide color gamut using orange inks, and image quality have helped him grow.

Like businesses everywhere, the onset of COVID-19 brought about challenges for Wide Open Throttle Graphics, but Thiessen’s outlook for the future remains optimistic. “When the pandemic first hit, our revenue stopped for a short time,” he says. “That was incredibly tough, but business has really picked up since then.”

Thiessen is quick to point out how critical color accuracy has been in all this.

“When it comes to doing graphics that keep customers coming back, it’s crucial to hit specific brand colors like Honda Red, Ski-Doo Octane Blue, and KTM Orange,” he notes. “I’m confident we have the tools we need to thrive under any circumstances.”

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