Visix Wins Four AVA Digital Awards

The company took home two platinum and two gold awards, which recognized its digital signage and its educational website blog.

Atlanta-based Visix, which designs and develops digital signage software and other products, announces that it has won four AVA Digital Awards, which are given out annually by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals to recognize excellence in digital communication.

The company won a platinum AVA Digital Award for “Overall Blog” for the company’s expert digital signage blog; it won another platinum for its College of Charleston-Addlestone Library interactive kiosk; it won a gold award for its Massachusetts Institute of Technology voice-activated interactive wayfinding; and another gold award for its University of Maryland STAMP Building interactive wayfinding in multiple languages. The company also received an honorable mention for its Landmark Christian School Athletics Hall of Fame board.

The Visix blog, available on the company website for free at visix.com/resources/blog, includes more than 250 separate articles on a wide range of topics of interest to digital signage users and communications professionals, as well as those considering adding digital signage to their communications strategy. The blog is one aspect of the company’s educational approach, which also include white papers, masterclass guides, videos, infographics and a bi-weekly podcast.

“We’ve been writing blogs regularly for a few years now,” says Derek DeWitt, communications specialist at Visix, who writes most of the blog posts and hosts the podcast. “We are constantly researching what the conversation is in the wider world. As technology becomes more pervasive in our day-to-day lives, the topics we cover also shift. We want to do more than just inform our audience, we want to inspire them to use digital signage technology to its fullest potential. Our focus has always been that people are at the heart of communications.”

The other platinum award was given for the company’s College of Charleston Addlestone Library interactive kiosk. It’s a custom, fullscreen wayfinding sign that includes floor maps of the library; directory listings; donor profiles; an on-site events schedule; and a campus map.

“We’re really honored to be recognized by AVA for our work on these projects,” says Jill Perardi, creative services manager for Visix. “We always focus on creating a customer experience that is tailored to each audience’s particular needs. Every wayfinding project creates new opportunities to push the envelope and do more than just show people where to go. We want to assist people in getting the information they need, but we also want to add a bit of a ‘wow factor.'”

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