Visix Wins ‘Davey’ Award for its Interactive Digital Signage

Visix won the award for the multi-lingual, multi-screen wayfinding signage installation it did for the University of Maryland.

Visix Wins 'Davey' Award for its Interactive Digital Signage
Visix Wins ‘Davey’ Award for its Interactive Digital Signage

Atlanta-based Visix, which designs and develops digital signage software and other products, has received a Silver Davey Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

The presentation took place at the Academy’s recent annual awards ceremony, at which companies from around the globe are recognized for their work.

Visix’s award came for the custom interactive signage it designed for the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland. The award is in the feature category of “Best User Experience,” which, the Academy says, “recognizes superior design and navigation as a whole.”

This Visix signage is displayed on touchscreens in 11 different sites to assist visitors in finding where they need to go within the five-story student union building. Touchscreens offer directories and wayfinding maps in three languages-English, Spanish and Mandarin. The main directory allows visitors to search and find people, rooms and key destinations within the facility. A second directory displays events within the building, with data being fed by the school’s own calendar app. The design uses the organization’s branding, and was created using HTML5, so the entire wayfinding project is responsive for mobile devices.

“We’re delighted to be recognized in the user experience category,” says Jill Perardi creative services manager for Visix. “Digital signage is all about the user, or viewer in this case, and interactivity adds a very important layer to the experience. Interactivity lets people explore on their own, and it’s often overlooked that audiences might need different language options. This project perfectly demonstrates how to offer a more personalized experience.”

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