Virus Inks Offers Water-Based Ink Course

Virus Inks unveils a new water-based ink course sponsored by The M&R Companies and Fruit of the Loom. 

virus inks
virus inks

MIAMI-Virus Inks unveils a new water-based ink course sponsored by The M&R Companies and Fruit of the Loom. Entitled Certified Water-Based Mastery, the course features a series of online videos, a two-day workshop, and live coaching calls.

The company says the course is designed to help decorators meet emerging trends in both ink and fabric types.

“Brands and consumers are demanding PVC-free non-toxic decoration and softer images,” says Virus on its website. “Cotton, tri-blend, and perform(ance) fabrics require inks that match their capabilities.”

Virus recommends the course for decorators already familiar with plastisols and automatic textile equipment, as well as sales managers and owners “who want to be engaged in the ongoing transformation.”

The three-component course begins with a four-week video session comprised of 6-10 minute lessons. Virus says it has partnered with industry veteran Mark Coudray for the online pieces of training which are hosted on Coudray’s Catalyst Accelerator website. The video classes open on March 4 and Virus allows users to re-watch the videos for six months following the release. The course also features a two-day workshop on April 11 and 12 at The M&R Companies’ factory in Roselle, Illinois. Instructors lead attendees through the crucial elements of water-based printing as they discuss art prep, screen making, set-up, and printing. The third component of the course is a series of weekly coaching calls where professionals provide users with answers to questions, aid in troubleshooting, and allow users to share success stories.

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