Video of the Week: The Walldogs and the 2019 ‘Magical History Tour’

A documentary film covering the Walldogs' 2019 gathering in Keene, New Hampshire.

This bonus video of the week is a beautiful mini-documentary put together by New England’s Slate Roof Films, and it recaps the Walldogs’ 2019 annual gathering in June in Keene, New Hampshire. The film heartwarmingly captures the bond that exists not just among the Walldogs themselves but also the one that develops with the communities that they grace with their talents. The New Hampshire gathering was unique in that the townspeople actually chose the subject matter for the murals, and the Walldogs took those suggestions and brought them to life.

More details on the Walldogs’ Keene adventure can be found here. To visit the Walldogs’ Facebook page, click here.

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