Using a Calendar Press for Wide-Format Creations

If you are looking to invest in a heat press for wide-format printing, consider this type. 

One option for wide-format heat printing is the calendar press. Calendar presses – or as some call them, drum presses – range in size from 44″ wide to more than 10′ wide. They have a central drum unit that is heated by either oil or electricity. Near that drum is a second non-heated drum that can be moved closer to or further from the heated drum to provide the necessary pressure. The size of the drum determines how quickly you can complete your transfers. The basic models are designed to provide roll-to-roll transfers of material that get matched up with the transfer paper and run through the press. Then, the transferred roll of material gets picked up on the other side and is cut out after the roll is done for finished cut-and-sew applications. You will need this type of press if you intend to do a lot of cut-and-sew jobs like athletic jerseys. 

Heat presses can be central to a successful decorating business. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in the type of press best for your business. Look at your heat press as a long-term venture, and possibly obtain multiple styles so you can tackle a variety of projects.

-Aaron Montgomery, MontCo Consulting, 2 Regular Guys

Keep reading to learn more about the different heat press options available.

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