US LED Launches ‘Lighting as a Service’ Program

Like with 'Software as a Service,' companies are spared the up-front capital expense in favor of a monthly payment.

US LED Launches 'Lighting as a Service' Program
US LED Launches ‘Lighting as a Service’ Program

Houston-based US LED, a manufacturer of all types of LED products, announces the launch of its new “Lighting as a Service (LaaS)” program, called “Light Now.”

The program is modeled after the business offering called “Software as a Service.” For customers that need LED products, US LED’s Light Now service allows them to have new LED lighting solutions installed in their facilities with no upfront capital. Instead, clients sign a monthly service agreement and make payments on their new fixtures-very similar to how the SaaS concept works.

“We are excited to further expand our offerings with LED lighting in the marketplace,” says Ron Farmer, CEO at US LED. “We believe that this new program will distinctively position us to capitalize on the continued growth of turnkey LED lighting that’s supported by our industry-leading project management team.”

US LED says its Light Now program is an all-inclusive subscription that allows business owners the ability to have energy-efficient LED lighting with no upfront capital. Monthly payments divide the cost of the new LED lighting, the installation, and the maintenance. Because Lighting as a Service is defined as a service agreement, it’s designated as an operating expense and not a capital expenditure on the books.

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