Universal Woods Reveals New Logo

Universal Woods chose 2018 as the year to reinvent its look. 

Universal Woods, Inc. Logo
Universal Woods, Inc. Logo

Universal Woods chose 2018 as the year to reinvent its look. After months of planning, it unveiled a new logo to represent its global company. The reason for the new look? A necessary update made to visually represent Universal Woods as a leading manufacturing company, according to a press release.

To get an inside look at the story behind the process, A&E asked the designer of the new logo, Jennifer Foy, to explain the redesign.

The rebrand is not a new identity, but rather an evolution and proper way to communicate what Universal Woods does and is, according to Foy. The circle shape was pulled from the globe previously used and the royal blue shifted to a darker shade of blue.

With the launch of a new website, the team felt it was an opportune time to rebrand. Foy says, “I approached the marketing team, including the marketing director, about doing this and was fully supported in moving forward.”

The process to create the new logo took about three to four months to complete. Foy analyzed Universal Woods’ previous logo and interviewed team members about what they felt was important to the company. After reviewing Universal Woods’ processes and what they wanted to communicate with the rebranding, Foy also researched logo evolutions/rebrands around the world as well as how global services companies handle their identity.

Universal Woods’ new logo connects the company’s past while looking toward the future, Foy elaborates. “The angled shapes represent our panels and connect with the layer coating process,” she adds. These pieces together create the whole look, just like all of its employees/team members work together to make products for dye-sublimation with the Unisub and ChromaLuxe brand as well as the mezzanine flooring for its third brand, ResinDek. “The new brand identity and website showcase the company, certifications, culture, brands, and pride while bringing the company into the 21st century for a more current look,” Foy finishes.

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