Unifi Announces Third Annual REPREVE Champions of Sustainability Awards

Unifi announces recipients of the third annual Champions of Sustainability awards.


GREENSBORO, N.C.-Unifi announces recipients of the third annual Champions of Sustainability awards. The company says a total of 79 companies “have achieved key milestones” through their use of REPREVE recycled performance fiber.

The company points to retail giants like H&M, who recycled more than a half-billion bottles, as well as Wal-Mart and Quiksilver, both of which surpassed the quarter-billion bottle mark.

“Working together, Unifi’s brand, retailer and textile partners have helped us recycle more than 19 billion bottles,” says Jay Hertwig, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Unifi. “We are excited that more and more companies are committing to global responsibility and using our eco-friendly fiber options to positively impact our planet, both now and in the future.”

The REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards 26 brand and retail partners that have each transformed 10 million or more recycled plastic bottles and 42 textile partners that have each transformed 50 million or more bottles, through the use of REPREVE performance fibers. The company also recognizes 11 special category winners for distinctions such as unique product developers, commitments to a circular economy, newcomers to the lineup, and “all-in” companies who integrate REPREVE throughout their entire product lines.

In addition to retail groups, the awards recognize apparel companies such as Gildan, Hanes, Polartec, and Under Armour.

A full list of award recipients is available at Unifi.com/champions.

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