Two Software Companies Merge to Become Print Reach

The company's existing software products seamlessly interact to fit under one umbrella, says new CEO Chris Huber, the former president of Virtual Systems.

Two Software Companies Merge to Become Print Reach Inc.
Two Software Companies Merge to Become Print Reach Inc.

Jacksonville, Florida-based Virtual Systems, a provider of cloud-based print business management software, and Plano, Illinois-based PagePath Technologies, which provides web-to-print and management information systems (MIS) solutions, have merged to form a new company called Print Reach Inc.

The new printing software company will be led by Chris Huber, who was president of Virtual Systems. He’ll become Print Reach’s CEO, while Greg Witek, formerly president of PagePath Technologies, is Print Reach’s chief operating officer.

“This merger embodies our strategy to present a broad solution offering which reaches all sizes of companies within the commercial and in-plant printing space, from the smallest to the largest,” says Huber. “We’re offering an integrated family of products from business and print management software to web-to-print storefronts and CRM solutions.”

Both of the former companies’ facilities will continue to operate as before, and the company says all current support and service agreements will continue as normal under the new company name.

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