Two Kentucky Teachers Look to Bring Affordable Embroidery to Customers

In Owensboro, Kentucky, two teachers took their love for embroidered garments and turned it into a side hustle

In Owensboro, Kentucky, two teachers took their love for embroidered garments and turned it into a side hustle. Owners Lauren Cates and Anne-Courtney Feenick, both middle school math teachers, founded The Tailored Teachers, a custom embroidery eCommerce shop.

Tailored Teachers
L-R: Lauren Cates, Anne-Courtney Feenick

During their breaks at school, the pair talked about their love for embroidered clothing and their dreams of owning a business. But, because they hadn’t come across any affordable embroidery options, it wasn’t long before Feenick found herself picking up their first embroidery machine.

They formed The Tailored Teachers in January 2021 and became an LLC in April 2021 after deciding to make their side hustle something they wanted to “pursue seriously,” Feenick tells GRAPHICS PRO.

The business’s tagline, “Embroidery with Elegance,” says it all. Their top priority is to offer affordable yet well-done custom embroidery and sublimation to customers.

“Lauren and I had absolutely no background in embroidery. We simply loved to craft and were up to the challenge,” Feenick adds. “Within the first month, there were many late nights at our houses. It was difficult learning the balance of how many orders we can accomplish in a given time. We started out with only one machine and over 40 open orders. Once we decided to fully dive headfirst, we bought a second machine which definitely increased our productivity.”

Now that it’s summer, she says they can focus full-time on their new business. Something especially nice for a business that takes custom orders.

If customers already have items they want to be embroidered or a specific design, Cates and Feenick are ready to accommodate and give a quote via Facebook, Instagram, or their website. They offer a variety of price points for every customer, from basic Ts to ribbed sweatshirts.

Their website also features a variety of graphic T-shirts with messages like “Lake Life” and “Raising Boys” ready for purchase. The shop also offers bags, hats, towels, and tumblers.

“It has been such a fun and crazy adventure in the first six months,” Feenick concludes. “We are already planning a mobile boutique and larger machine. Our customers are so amazing, and we couldn’t be where we are without them!”

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