Try This: Sublimate Large-Format Images

Learn how easy it is to turn a profit with large-format sublimation.

Materials needed:

  • Large-format sublimation printer (a Sawgrass VJ628 was used for this tutorial)
  • Heat press (a DK25S 20″X 25″from Geo Knight was used for this tutorial)
  • Metal or wood plaque (a 16″ X 20″ X 6.25″ wooden plaque from Unisub was used for this tutorial)
  • Heat tape (optional)
  • Heat gloves

Step 1: Preparation

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The first thing we do is pick our product. Take a measurement of your product, then go into CreativeStudio, or the software that comes with your printer. If you’re using CreativeStudio, type the item into the search box to pull up the item’s template.

Once the template is on the screen, import your image or logo to be located accordingly to the product and then print. With printing, there are two options. When using a photograph with the photo flesh tone (as shown), click the color to photographic. Anything else made for a sign or anything in that area for advertisers with clip art or logos will be put under a graphic.

Step 2: Print and Press

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In this tutorial, we use a large-format sublimation printer from Sawgrass. The product itself takes about 4 minutes to print, and 1 minute, 30 seconds to press.

Once that’s printed, remove the protective film (on some products). Line the image into the designated area on the product. I prefer heat tape to hold it in place. Then, flip it over. Press the wood for 1 minute, 30 seconds. For metal, press for 1 minute, 15 seconds. Once that is done, open up the press and remove the paper. Using a pair of heat gloves, pick up the product and let it cool as it will be extremely hot once under that heat and pressure.

Note: Paper is always on top when pressing. Do not cover with anything.

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Step 3: Sell the Product

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Once complete, hang it up in your favorite spot of your house or business for your customers to see. Print, press, peel, profit, and hang. Shipping, product, print, paper, and everything could cost an end-finisher about $34.99 finished, and that could sell retail for $99 and up, keeping in mind the fact that this is done instantly.

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