Try This: Sublimate Bookmarks

Learn how to create this simple item for teachers, students, and avid readers

Easy and fun to press, bookmarks make excellent gifts, promotional product giveaways, and club items. Try selling bookmarks to local book clubs, schools, or libraries. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to press a bookmark.

Materials needed:

  • Unisub bare bookmark (shown item #5767) or similar sublimatable blank bookmark
  • Printed transfer and scissors
  • Sublimation printer (RIP printing software)
  • Small swing-away heat press set to 400 F
  • Heat gloves and heat tape
  • Blowout paper
  • Cloth for cleaning and isopropyl alcohol

Step 1: Download the template for a bookmark or any product at Unisub.com. Design the bookmark in editing software.


Step 2: Run the design through the RIP software and print. Let the print dry for at least 30 minutes.

img 20190910 133558 0 scaled

Step 3: Cut transfer down with a 1/2″remaining on all sides. Clean the bookmark with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

img 20190910 133615 scaled

Step 4: Line up and center the transfer. Tape the bookmark to the transfer with the coated side down.

img 20190910 133708 scaled

img 20190910 133819 scaled

Step 5: Press the bookmark at 400 F for 50 seconds. Increase the time if pressing more than one bookmark at a time.

img 20190910 133928 scaled

Step 6: With heat gloves on, immediately pull off the transfer paper.

img 20190910 134141 scaled

Step 7: Let cool and then the bookmark is ready to be used or sold.

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