Try This: Save the Date Magnets

Upgrade from traditional cards and offer your clients a functional alternative.

One way to help your customers upgrade their Save the Date cards is to ditch the paper and show them what’s possible on a light aluminum magnet. Not only is it easy to decorate, it holds up better on a refrigerator and works well in a kitchen environment because it is usually water-resistant.

Create a few samples using the below instructions:

Materials Needed:

  • Name badge (Used here: an aluminum 2- X 3-inch white gloss name badge)
  • Magnet
  • Sublimation system
  • Transfer paper
  • Graphics software

Settings Used:

  • Heat press temperature: 400 F
  • Press time: 45 seconds

Step One: Design

Open your preferred graphics software and design the artwork to fit the space of your selected name badge. For this demonstration, the 4467 template from was used in Photoshop to eliminate some of the design steps and save time.

If you want to learn more about how to edit wedding photos to achieve popular styles, click here.

Step Two: Print artwork

Save your work and print onto the transfer paper.

Step Three: Press

Clean the name badge with a microfiber cloth and high-pressure air to remove dust and debris. Tape the substrate to the transfer paper, put it in your heat press using the above settings, and after it’s done in the press, let it cool.

Step Four: Finishing touches

Apply and secure a magnet to the back, and your Save the Date magnets are complete.

One way to display the finished product in your shop is on a revolving tower display with a magnetic face. It would also be wise to place this close to your other products that fall under the wedding market in case your customers want to throw in some add-ons to their purchase.

-Sara Nicholson, Universal Woods

Sara Nicholson

Sara Nicholson is the communication and digital engagement specialist at Universal Woods. She works with Universal Woods' three brands: ChromaLuxe, Unisub, and ResinDek.

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