Try This: Personalize Shot Glasses with Sublimation

Properly press this item that used to be difficult to sublimate. 

Not only are shot glasses popular at gift shops, they have a place in bars and restaurants where owners represent their logo on glassware. Mexican restaurants and Irish establishments give thousands as promo items on Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day.

Due to their small size, shot glasses have been difficult to properly sublimate in the past because, as we know, sublimation is about contact. However, the SubliShrink shrink wrap film sleeve not only creates contact, but adds a moderate amount of pressure and conforms to the shape of the object. The following describes the process:

Materials needed:

  • Digital template
  • Printed transfer
  • Blank shot glass
  • SF79 SubliShrink shrink wrap film
  • Heat tape
  • Convection oven

4 supplies scaled

All images courtesy Condé

1. Download a digital product template and use it to create the uniquely shaped artwork.

2. Print the transfer and cut/trim the printed portion from the page.

3. Affix transfer to the shot glass using heat tape.

2 step1 scaled

4. Cut SF79 SubliShrink shrink wrap film in half and then down the center seam. Film does two shot glasses.

5. Affix one end of the wrap to the shot glass and roll shot glass to cover completely. Cut off excess.

step2 scaled

6. Use heat gun to tighten SubliShrink shrink film to the shot glass.

7. Place shot glass in convection oven for 10 minutes at 400 F.

1 step3 scaled

8. Carefully remove the shot glass from the oven and let cool.

9. Remove the shrink wrap film and transfer from shot glass.

1 result scaled

The results create fully imaged drinkware that makes an impression with minimal cost!

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