Try This: Laser Mark Titanium Signs with a Fiber Laser

Are you looking to add a little flare to your bare metal marking?

This project was designed with fiber laser users in mind. Did you know that creating colors on metals is a great application for some fiber-based laser systems? When subjected to its 1,064 nanometer wavelength, many metals exhibit a color change when processed with a fiber laser. We’ve found that bare metals, especially titanium, produce the most vibrant colors.

Color marking on bare metals is achieved by varying laser system parameters such as speed, power, frequency, and focus. One of the biggest drivers that impacts color is the focal length -note that we include focus settings in our parameters below. Once you dial in your settings to achieve the color you’re looking for, you can utilize the Color Mapping feature in Epilog’s print driver to automatically run different parameters on different graphics to achieve different colors (see user’s manual for the machine brand of your choice when it comes to similar features).

If you’re a fiber laser operator and want to add a little flare to your bare metal marking, try some different laser parameters and see what types of colors you can produce! Below you’ll find the steps we took to achieve bright red, white, and blue shades when laser marking titanium.

Materials needed

  • Titanium Plates
  • Loctite Super Glue
  • Scrap Wood
  • Laser System

We used a Fusion M2 32 Dual Source with 30-watt Fiber:

  • Square: fiber; raster; speed: 10%; power: 100%; 80F; +.08 out of focus
  • Number outline: fiber; raster; speed: 70%; power: 30%; 1F; in focus
  • Number: fiber; raster; speed: 9%; power 100%; 40F; +.08 out of focus

Step one: Prepare Artwork

Download the graphics and import it into your graphic software. Make adjustments as necessary.

titanium sign art

All images courtesy Epilog

Step two: Send to the Laser

Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine wattage.

titanium sign action

Step three: Assemble

Glue the back of the plates to front of the wood.

titanium sign final

Where can you sell custom laser marked titanium signs?

  • As housewarming gifts
  • For interior/exterior directional signage
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