Try This: Laser Engraving Cork Notebooks

Add an extra touch of personality to this custom gift idea.

Cork is a popular substrate that produces great contrast when laser engraved. Ideal for a variety of gifts and occasions, laser engraving cork notebooks adds an extra touch of personality that makes this type of gift even more special. This cork notebook would make a great journal for travel lovers, or a fantastic spot to jot down a recipe idea for cooking enthusiasts – the list goes on and on.

For this project, we imported our own hand-drawn doodles to engrave, but the concept could work with client-submitted artwork, text, photographs, or even your child’s latest drawing.

Materials needed:

  • Cork notebooks
  • Laser system

We used a Fusion Pro 32, 80w:

  • Raster: speed 100%; power 30%; 300 DPI

Step One: Prepare artwork

Download the graphics or import your own drawings, text, photos, or graphics. Modify as necessary.

corkpads art

All images courtesy Epilog

Step Two: Importing sketched artwork

Select the artwork and under the Bitmaps menu, select Convert to Bitmap. Under the Bitmaps menu, highlight Outline Trace and select Clip Art. CorelDRAW will ask you to reduce the size of the bitmap – you may choose to reduce the file or keep the original size.

Adjust the PowerTRACE settings in CorelDRAW as needed, then click Ok. If you need to adjust the color to pure black, go to Edit>Find & Replace>Replace Objects and select “Replace a Color.”


Use the eyedropper tool to select the color of your artwork and click Finish then Find & Replace. CorelDRAW changes the artwork to black for you.


Step Three: Job setup

Place the notebook in the laser and prepare for engraving. If you are using the Fusion Pro system, you can utilize the camera system to ensure your artwork is where you’d like it. If you’re not using a Fusion Pro, to ensure the graphic is placed where you want it, you may draw an outline around the graphic and send it to the laser with 100 speed and 0 power, then turn on the red dot pointer at your machine’s control panel. Keep the lid to the laser open and watch the red dot pointer trace the outline. Back in your graphics software, adjust the graphic as necessary to fit the notebook.

notepads camera

Step Four: Send the job to the laser

Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine wattage. You can find recommended material settings in your machine’s manual.

corkpads action

Once your graphic is finished engraving, you’re all set!

corkpads final

Where can you sell laser engraved cork notebooks?

  • As wedding guestbooks
  • In bookstores
  • School fundraisers
  • Spice shops
  • Libraries
  • Specialty food stores
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